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Ukulele_Ortega K3-WEB_Set - KIeiki - White Ebony_ - Includes bag, strap, tuner and picks


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  • White Ebony top, satin finish
  • ABS body, slightly arched
  • Okoume neck, satin finish
  • ABS fretboard & bridge
  • Open gear tuning machines chrome w/ black buttons
  • Headstock tuner, Soundhole hook strap/support, 5 medium picks, and drawstring bag included!
For Additional Pricing Call 931.463.2400

Designed in Germany with a traditional sound and look in a lightweight soprano scale

Exotic tone woods with elegant finish

We use white ebony wood to craft the top side of the body and okoume to build the neck and headstock. These tone woods deliver a sound full of warmth, depth, resonance and clarity. The white ebony also has a striking, exotic look.

Synthetic ABS is used for the sides, back, fretboard and bridge for an added dose of durability and clarity of sound.

All wood surfaces feature a natural satin finish, the back and sides have a textured black finish and the neck is finished in smooth, matte black.

Open gear tuning machines

The four white nylon strings on this ukulele , are tuned with open gear tuning machines.

Open gear machines add less weight to the headstock, allowing the neck to resonate more freely.

This style of tuners also has a throwback look to create a subtle vintage vibe.

Soprano size

The soprano size (scale 364 mm / 14.33") is easy to handle while delivering a full sound rich with warm tone for strumming and definition for picking.

This size is great for any level of player from beginner to advanced, and it's also perfect for traveling.

Play in virtually any situation indoors or outside and solo or with a band.

This ukulele will also look great out on display in your home, studio, classroom or office.