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Fine Arts at the Mountain is proud to bring on another special line of Instruments! NS Design
Electric Orchestra Instruments at a whole new level. 

"I would like to be remembered as someone who spent a lifetime trying to make better electric stringed instruments, trying to make electric instruments that are original instruments and not imitations of acoustic instruments. That is the heart of it. I would like to be remembered for thinking in those terms or for at least having made a credible attempt at it...  ...The NS violin is my attempt at the realization of what a truly electric violin can be. It’s a vision that sees the electric instrument as the logical evolution of a great tradition. I consider the work I’ve done lately to develop the full NS string family to be a kind of mission for this phase of my life’s work Ned Steinberger."

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NS DESIGN Was Founded in 1990 by the award-winning instrument designer Ned Steinberger to design and produce bowed electric instruments that advance the state of the art. NS string instruments are unabashed, purebred solid body electrics that combine technology and tradition to meet the needs of an evolving musical community.

Today at NS Design, the passion and dedication to innovation continue undeterred. With new patents on the double bass and violin, the full NS family of concert string instruments advances the state of the art. The remarkable Polar™ pickup system provides unparalleled response, control, and richness of tone for both bow and pizzicato techniques. Excellent balance and lightweight make the instruments a joy to play. Full control of extensive on-board electronics and interchangeable support structures for the bass and cello provides unprecedented versatility to meet a wide variety of performance requirements. The same qualities, beautiful tone, and flawless playability, that make these instruments the choice of the most accomplished musicians, also make it possible for the student player to achieve a higher level of performance.