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Instrument Repair


All of our instruments are serviced in house at our music store in Sewanee-Monteagle Tennessee. No sending out, long waits, nor high costs... Instruments are professionally set up, and handled with care.. In most cases drop your instrument off in the morning and pick it up on the way home. depending on the extent of the service.
String Instruments Repair

Guitarist - especially for you!

Drop off your instrument at our music shop in Sewanee-Monteagle, TN and we will, treat fingerboard, polish frets, restring, and have it ready for you on your way to the Gig for only $8.00 and the price of your special discounted set of strings.
Band Instrument Repair

Band Students - Horn not playing well?

Moms or Dads just drop off your child's instrument and grab a loaner (when available), or leave it with us over the weekend and pick it on Monday, or maybe grab a sandwich next door, run some errands and pick it later at our music shop in Sewanee-Monteagle. Or heck, just wait...
Instrument Rental Program

Renting from our music store in Sewanee-Monteagle is an affordable alternative to purchasing, allowing your child to have an opportunity to try an instrument without making a long term commitment. Our rental program is simple and includes a rent to own option. The rental process begins with a trial period, followed by an option to rent monthly. Throughout the rental, you will accumulate money towards the purchase of the instrument you are renting or one you eventually purchase.
Student Band Program

Our simple rental program creates an affordable payment plan to accumulate equity towards the purchase of the instrument. If you choose to purchase your instrument, you will receive a 50% purchase discount during your first year of rental and a 25% purchase discount thereafter. Our rental program is also extremely flexible, as you are able to switch instruments at any time.

The Benefits of Renting with Fine Art at the Mountain

  • Flexibility - You can return, exchange purchase your instrument at any time
  • Accumulate money toward the purchase of the instrument while renting
  • Our repair and maintenance plan is included in your rental fee
  • Our instruments are set up and ready to be played
  • We make the band rental process easy
  • We carry educator approved band instruments
  • We have a trusted name and experience in the industry