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Guitar of the Month at Fine Arts at the Mountain

‘Nothing beats the power of all solid wood construction'

MST1 X-brace design
MST1 is an
X-brace design with tapered scalloping to the X and asymmetric scalloping to the tone bars. The axis of the X-brace was moved 7mm further back from the soundhole to that of the previous bracing system, forward shifted FST2. This gave the name of the design “middle shifted” during its development, and being the first design of three that were developed, it was referred to as “Middle Shifted Type One” or MST1. 

Tonally MST1 is more robust with greater bass presence and is capable of producing more volume when needed. The middle frequencies are very clear in most wood configurations with trebles slightly darker than FST2, and could be described as a warmer sound or woodier than previously achieved. MST1 is audibly more responsive to a lighter touch and works more efficiently across most body styles. 

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Electric Acoustic
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