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FUSE Artist Proile Maple

MSRP $1,599.99 Our Price $899.95

  • FUSE Artist Profile Maple
  • Dixon understands that whether you’re just starting out or ready to get back into drumming you need a drum kit which fits your image and defines your sound. So we developed FUSE Series to outfit drummers of all styles and levels with unique features and versatile configurations priced to get you playing as soon as possible. FUSE is performance class drums for the ambitious first time buyer, upgrade candidate, or performer in need of one more kit. Professional features, stunning finishes and quality throughout.
  • Artist Profile Maple All the great features of Profile Maple in special artist inspired configurations and finishes.


  • 6-Ply hybrid Shell
  • Maple x3 / Mahogany x3
  • ‧8 Lug Base Drum
  • ‧8 Lug Snare Drum
  • ‧Bearing edges: 45 degrees
  • ‧Shell Thickness: 7.3mm
  • This cunning mix of hardwoods delivers a balanced blend of tone and projection.
  • Fuse's sound is rich in mid and high frequency, deliverying sharp and attactive sound, good for variety of sites and gigs.
  • Lustrous gloss
  • Two great colors complement the natural beauty of the Maple Hardwood outer ply.
  • Quality parts and metal plating
  • Reliable craftsmanship where it’s needed most.
  • Ball & L-Rod Tom Holder
  • Bass Drum Mounted for easy adjustment, perfect placement and solid performance; complete with built-in accessory ready clamp.
  • Mini Isolation mounts


Jet Set Plus

MSRP $998.99 Our Price $599.95

  • Jet Set Plus
  • Dixon Jet Set Plus is the ultimate all-in-one traveler drum kit. Sitting or standing; gig or quiet practice, this latest Dixon innovation adapts to all styles, stages and applications. Simply reconfigure Jet Set Plus to play as a conventional or cocktail set-up and then choose from the plastic batter side of each drum to play at full volume or the mesh resonant side for little to no sound. Quality construction, unique colors and extreme versatility will surly make Jet Set Plus your new go-to drum kit.
  • 9-ply Mahogany shells
  • Fully adjustable mounted triple tom holder
  • Mesh drumhead on resonance side
  • Silencing pads for cymbals and snare
  • Available in shell packs, cymbals and hardware sold separately

Cajon Pedal Plus

Multi-functional Cajon Pedal that makes mounting quick, easy and obstruction free. It can also be mounted to most hardware diameters in striking distance of auxiliary percussion and effects.

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